Polestar Tuning

Boost Great Performance with Polestar Tuning

If you are among those many Volvo owners, you are probably aware of the commitment of the designers and automaker’s engineers when it comes to optimizing the performance at each and every level.

From the design to the state of the art engineering, Volvo has already made a case for itself as the top performer right in the luxury market.

While both Volvo’s T5, D5, D4, D3, and T6 engines already offer top level performance, you can still enhance its own performance and this will be achieved through Polestar Performance Tuning.

What is Polestar Tuning?

The Volvo’s exclusive Polestar Performance Tuning refers to the form of the auto tuning software, which in the first place works in order to optimize the output of the powertrain without compromising the emissions, fuel economy, or even the longevity and health of the vehicle’s engine. It does this through recalibrating hundreds of parameters responsible for controlling the output of the powertrain.

We at Voltech offer Polestar Tuning will surely provide you with great services, which in turn will benefit you in the long run.

With us, your Volvo can achieve the following:
  • Increase the vehicle’s turbocharger boost pressure
  • Recalibrate the throttle response
  • Reoptimize the ignition and fuel mapping

All Volvo vehicles are popularly known for their own power, handling as well as overall performance. At Voltech, we highly believe that the natural landscape in Europe is among the many reasons why Volvo is famous with lots of drivers all around the neck of the woods.

It is good to know that Volvo is now offering drivers out there to take their own driving experience right into the next level through a premium performance upgrade, which is known as Polestar Performance Tuning.

What Kind of Performance Tuning it does for your own vehicle?

There are two different words that toss around when talking about cars; the torque and the horsepower.

You do not need to be a geek to see the great benefits that you will get in increasing these two attributes. Just sitting right in the wheel of your vehicle with more power makes you feel the great difference.

With more torque and horsepower, climbing the hills and getting up to the speed on the highway is not a problem anymore. In addition to that, towing also comes much easier, with more hauling power from the vehicle’s engine.

Here is exactly how Polestar Performance Tuning really helps:
  • Most of the T6 engines are highly eligible for the upgrades starting from 300hp to 325hp and from 325lb-ft of torque up to 354lb-ft.
  • Most of the T5 engines are highly eligible for the upgrades starting from 227hp to 250hp and from 238lb-ft of torque up to 273lb-ft.
  • For More stats and to check if your car could be eligible for an upgrade please visit the Polestar website.

How do I know that it is safe?

The Polestar Performance Tuning has been developed and at the same time tested right at the Volvo Engine Laboratories by the top engineers using the testing procedures that are identical to the Volvo uses for its own regular engines.

At Voltech, we have trained and certified technicians with great experience to get the job done right. We will be very happy to help you out with your Volvo repairs, maintenance, and performance upgrades needs.

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