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RICA are specialists in high performance tuning. Boost the performance of your Volvo with RICA chip tuning software & enjoy the performance gains at Voltech Glasgow.

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Are you planning to boost the performance of your Volvo? You must be in search of an excellent performance tuning specialist who can give you the best quality optimal results. RICA are specialists in high performance and economical tuning. They are doing an exclusive job in developing software for performance tuning of various cars and engines.


RICA have developed an amazing automotive software with advanced features. The software for chip tuning of Volvo allows complete management of engine parameters to optimize the performance.

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RICA Chip Tuning of Volvo

Performance tuning is basically improving or modifying the existing system to have an appreciable change in performance. RICA employs chip tuning method for performance tuning of Volvo. It results in more horsepower, cleaner emissions, or better fuel efficiency.

With the advancement in technology, most modern vehicles are equipped with an ECU. It is basically a small processing control unit which controls the performance of the engine. According to the climate of your region, laws and restrictions and varying fuel quality you can remap the engine. Engine manufacturer usually employs a conservative ECU map to allow for individual engine variations.

RICA makes sure that everything is performance tested by checking on modern equipment before sending the software out to use. This ensures that if someone uses original RICA ECM upgrades, it won’t cause malfunctioning of your engine. Therefore, boost the performance of your Volvo with the help of RICA chip tuning software and enjoy the performance gains with peace of mind.

What does Chip tuning of Volvo mean?

Chip tuning or simply remapping means to replace a default software on the ECU. It is the process of changing or modifying an erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) chip in an automobile’s electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve superior performance. It involves the process of overwriting the engine map with new software for optimizing Volvo’s overall performance. enhance engine performance. Previously it was in practice to replace the chip physically. The chip has different software loaded on to it, you need to alter several things and increase horsepower. Nowadays, it is as simple as plugging into the car’s OBD port and installing new software, altering some characteristics of your engine and increase performance of your Volvo’s engine.

Performance Gains Due to Chip Tuning of Volvo

Everything and everyone needs improvement with time. Likewise, your Volvo also needs to improve its overall performance. Chip tuning of Volvo yields following performance gains:

1. Increased Horsepower & Rev Range

Who doesn’t love boosting the engine speed and power! Chip tuning allows you to increase the rev limit of your engine. Your Volvo’s engine will then respond better when you press the accelerator. But make sure it’s well within the safe limit to avoid heating up and stressing the internal components of your car. Otherwise not only will it damage the engine, but it can also be dangerous for you. Also, there will be a noticeable increase in the overall torque and power. Delivery of power will be smoother hence you’ll have much safer driving experience. It will, in turn, make it easier and safer to overtake. Moreover, your Volvo will have a better MPG (Miles per Gallon) which won’t only decrease the fuel cost but will also result in minimal carbon footprint. Also, you’ll witness a good throttle and ultimately your Volvo will have an enhanced rev range.

2. Fuel Economy

There are claims that ECU remapping has no effect on fuel consumption. Well, technically speaking that’s not true. More fuel is needed to produce more power. It is upon the driver to drive the car sensibly. He must try to make the most of the improved torque throughout the rev range. This increases the fuel economy. With good RICA chip tuning of Volvo, drivers no longer need to change gears to maintain speed on an incline or during traffic as frequently as before remapping.

3. Less Knocking by Using High-Octane Fuel

To make the performance gains realizable, adjustment of the ignition timing is required. Different timing may result in better performance. Usually, for good performance the ignition timing is advanced (means the sparking occurs earlier than normal). But a drawback of advancing the timing is that the probability of generating knock increases. Knocking can damage an engine. Hence to cater to that it is preferred to use higher octane fuels. It will help avoid pre-ignition pinging. Therefore, this way you can unlock a lot of untapped potential by tuning the timings.

With the pros being discussed, let’s not forget to mention that no one can assure you that the remapping of the Volvo will be undetectable.

Furthermore, though chip tuning of Volvo will indeed increase the power output of your vehicle how reliable will it be for you will ultimately depend on how you drive it. Chip tuning won’t in any way stress the engine unless you push it harder. Hence, one can’t blame chip tuning of Volvo for reducing the longevity of your car’s engine. There are remapped modern engines with over 200,000 miles without any problem unless you cause it with some sort of carelessness.

A poorly tuned ECU and hence your engine can result in unsatisfactory performance, driveability, and even more a damaged engine. Thus, go for the options that are reliable and has good repute due to their expertise. Investing in maintenance of your Volvo means you are investing in a secure and safe driving experience.

The RICA chip tuning of Volvo is definitely worth the money. There’s no compromise on the quality. Give it a try at least and you’ll be happy with our services.

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